Foundations of Library Services

eBook - An Introduction for Support Staff, Library Support Staff Handbooks
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    • <p><span>Trained library support staff play a critical role in assisting the user in locating and interpreting the resources available in libraries. To do so requires the knowledge and practice of library missions and roles in different types of libraries and the delivery of that information to an increasingly diverse clientele. The plethora of resources available today requires that support staff understand and implement the basic principles of information services as well as the responsibility and relationships among library departments and functional areas.</span></p><p></p><p><span>Foundations of Library Services</span><span>is both a text for professors who teach in library support staff programs and an introductory reference manual for support staff who work in libraries. As part of the</span><span>Library Support Staff Series</span><span>, this updated edition will guide the LSS to be able to:</span></p><ul><li><span>Understand the mission and role of the library in its community</span></li><li><span>Be familiar with the ethics and values of the profession, including those of the Library Bill of Rights, the ALA Code of Ethics, freedom of information, confidentiality of library records and privacy issues</span></li><li><span>Know the responsibility and relationships among library departments</span></li><li><span>Practice the basic principles of circulation, including interlibrary loan; current cataloging and classification systems; and acquisitions and collection development policies.</span></li><li><span>Understand how libraries are governed and funded within their organizations or government structures</span></li><li><span>Realize the value of cooperation to enhance services</span></li><li><span>Practice quality customer service</span></li><li><span>Communicate and promote the librarys values and services</span></li><li><span>Recognize and respond to diversity in user needs</span></li></ul><p></p><p></p><p></p>
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    • <p><span>Foundations of Library Services </span><span>is both a text for professors who teach the introductory course in library support staff programs and an introductory reference manual for support staff who work in libraries</span></p>
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    • <span>Hali Keeler, MLS, MA, is the author of the books</span><span>Foundations of Library Public Services: An Introduction for Support Staff,</span><span> Rowman&amp; Littlefield 2015</span><span>; Working with Collections: An Introduction for Support Staff,</span><span> Rowman&amp; Littlefield 2017;</span><span>Communication and Teamwork: An Introduction for Support Staff</span><span> (with Marie Shaw) Rowman&amp; Littlefield 2018;</span><span>Supervision and Management: An Introduction for Support Staff (</span><span>with Marie Shaw), Rowman&amp; Littlefield 2018;</span><span>Library Technician Training programs</span><span>:</span><span>Library Mosaics Magazine</span><span> January/February 2005, and</span><span>Ghosts of Groton Bank,</span><span>History Press, 2016.</span><br><br><br><br><span>She is the former Coordinator for the Library Technology Certificate Program at Three Rivers Community College (2003-2011) and has been an Adjunct Professor since 1998. She teaches courses in Public Services, Technical Services, and Management Strategies. In addition to library instruction, Ms. Keeler worked as a Childrens Librarian and is the retired Executive Director of a public library. She has been a speaker and presenter at library conferences and workshops and has served in leadership roles on library boards and committees at the state and local levels.</span>