The European Union and Global Capitalism

Origins, Development, Crisis, The European Union Series
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  • Zusatztext
    • This book draws on critical theory to introduce readers to ways of exploring questions about the EU from a political economy perspective, questions like: Does the EU help or hinder Europe's 'social models' to face the challenges of globalization? Does the EU represent a break from Europe's imperial past? What were the causes of the Eurozone crisis?
  • Kurztext
    • - The first comprehensive advanced textbook on the EU from a heterodox/critical political economy perspective An original and timely analysis of the multiple crises that are currently facing the EU Offers fresh and original insights on the theory and history of the EU 
  • Autorenportrait
    • Magnus Ryner is Professor of International Political Economy at King's College London, UK. Alan Cafruny is Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs at Hamilton College, USA.