The Origins of the Relationship between the Police and the Community

A Brief Story of the Republic of South Africa
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    • The relationship between the police and the community has since been growing apart as a result of some of the unfortunate incidents taken place during policing. There are many unknown contributing factors for the relationship to be going on at this pace. The police profession has since been complemented, ethically questioned, tarnished, and labelled incompetent and brutal by society. There are some perceived contributing factors from both sides, the police and the community which are not disclosed for everyone involved to understand where the policing legislation came from? Who formulated the policing profession? What were the reasons? And how the police and the community interfaced during policing and why? Thus, the primary goal of this book was to provide an understanding of the origins of the relationship between the police and the community by answering all the questions for families in the Republic of South Africa. A brief literature review was conducted for this book and it suggested that the legislation of policing came from everywhere, however only one dominated over the 300 years of colonialism, 30 years of apartheid and still visible even after 22 years of democracy.
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    • Azwihangwisi Judith Mphidi is the Founder and Director of Human Police Policing Human (Pty) Ltd. A company providing research, personalised workshops, research assistant services and awareness campaigns on crime related topics. Finished her Matric at Makgoka High School, obtained National Diploma; B-Tech; M-Tech Policing by Dissertation from UNISA.
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